Pleasure to study

Pleasure to study is a storage of study materials. Its purpose is to help students in their study at the university. Whole Pleasure to study is a common project of all members of Ynet. It means that everybody can add study materials, that he has, and make pleasure to others.

Examples of materials, which you can find or add to Pleasure :

  • Notes from lectures and seminars
  • Practice exams and questions to practice curriculum
  • Curriculum summary - cheat sheets
  • and a lot of other things :)

Where can i find Pleasure ?

Pleasure can be found as a shared directory on marvin server, so if you have Windows, just type "\\marvin" or "\\"into the field for address, as shown in figure below :


How does pleasure work ?

Pleasure is divided into several directories. These directories are related to individual faculties, where classified materials are saved, according to relation to individual courses at the faculty. You cannot delete or write materials into these directiories. Majority of study materials can be found in these directories. Next, we have special directory _incoming_, where every member of Ynet is allowed to write - add new materials. It is neccessary to give materials some proper names and in directory _incoming_ classify them to faculty and course, which they belong to. Next, you must write, what and where you add, to this file : co_je_nove.txt

How can I help ?

We are constantly looking for new admins of Pleasure for individual faculties. Their task is to move materials from incoming to their permanent storage into directories of individual faculties. That is why he has higher rights on Pleasure, than usual user. And also, a person, that studies on individual faculty, can judge the relevance and timeliness of materials, that people add. If you are interested in helping us with this and gain some advantages for this help, write to admins of Pleasure.

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