WiFi - Eduroam

Eduroam  is a worldwide Wi-Fi network, that you can connect to from any random place in the world. It does not matter, if you are at the hostel, or in your friend´s block, at school or abroud through ERASMUS. Easily fill in your login name and password, and you can connect !

Ynet is the one, that covered all hostels, that are connected to internet by Ynet, by international Wi-Fi network called  Eduroam. And because of this, every registered member can use his login name and password to connect to Eduroam and surf the web. 

To use all the benefits, that Eduroam provides, you have to manage to do initial settings of this network. But of course, Ynet summarized all needed information and created picture manuals for you to have no problem with these settings. You will find all needed information in section  Ako sa pripojiť


Places to connect

  • ŠD Mladosť
  • ŠD Jura Hronca - Bernolák
  • ŠD Dobrovičova
  • ŠD Belojanis
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