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Goal of the How-Know project is to provide a chance for university students to improve their practical skills in above average knowledge study requirements. We want to reach this goal by organizing special lectures and presentations under the following criteria:

  • Lecturers - proffesional experts from leading companies, academic or research sector  and the third sector.
  • Topics based on student requests.
  • Lectures focusing on practice and research.
  • Video records freely accessible on the internet.
  • Free access to the lecture for everyone.
  • The emphasis is on the high quality of the presented information.

Students on the lecture can acquire new knowledge about practical problems in these fields (informačné a telekomunikačné technológie, manažment, informačné právo and much much more), new ways of solving different problems and about newly emerging trends. Beside new knowledge students can gain new contacts to top experts.

Project How-Know is brought to you by the student organization IAESTE Slovakia and civic association YNET.

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Offer for new partnership

PFor companies and organizations that are interested in a cooperation on the project How-Know, we have an offer ready,which you can see here.


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