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Every member of citizen community Ynet has the possibility of obtaining 500 mb of web space on accesible(viewable) from every place in the world. In comparison to other providers of free web space, the great advantage of yweb is, that your web space will not be filled up with advertisment.

You can try various web technologies, present yourself, your portfolio or e.g. share your photos with your friends through this project.


What are main features of Yweb ?  

  • Disc quote 500MB
  • FTPs access
  • PHP (graphic libraries,scripts,etc.)
  • MySQL database (no limitations)
  • Access to database through PhpMyAdmin interface
  • Level two domain -

About terms related to running of webs and every other useful information can be found on

Here is the tutorial how to connect to your web space, and upload your webpage.  

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