Payments is a web portal, that is used for control of your membership in Ynet.

You can check here:

  • your profile - personal data, that we hold about you, UID, MAC addresses of computers, that have an access to our network,
  • complete overview of your payments - date, until which you have your membership paid; the date, until which you are supposed,
  • online payments - the fastest type of payment.When you pay through this system, you can be connected to our network the next hour. We currently support sporopay.
  • information about network settings, services - your IP, DNS, subnet mask, mail address 
  • change of your password - you can use payments to change your password
  • request for keeping our services - Ynet allows you to keep some of our services, even when you end membership in Ynet. Here you can check which services you would like to keep. 

You can find web portal Payments here:

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