Find out your MAC address

To achieve functional connectivity to internet, you must either, during registration, or as soon as possible after it, give us MAC address of your PC. MAC address is a hexadecimal number, that identifies your network interface card, that you use for connecting to network. So, you need to know MAC address of your network interface card (NIC), or if you want to use WiFi, you need also MAC address of your wireless network interface card.

Find out your MAC address - various operating systems

Find out your MAC address in Windows

Click the "Start" button, next choose option "Run..." and type "cmd" into the window, that will appear, as it is shown infigure below. If you are using Windows 7, it is necessary to write "cmd" into searching. In general, it is possible to use key shortcut Win+R (Win is a key somewhere between Ctrl and Alt).

Cick the OK key and console window will appear. Write "ipconfig/all" into it and press enter. Listing, like in figure below,
will appear.

You need to find something like this:

Physical Address. . . . . . . . . : BC:AE:C5:0A:24:5C


BC:AE:C5:0A:24:5C is what we are looking for, in our case. Pay attention, if you have multiple NIC's in your PC. In such case, you have to find MAC address belonging to NIC, that you will use. When looking for Ethernet connection, it will be probably named Ethernet adapter Ethernet.


Find out your MAC address in Mac OS

Open System Preferences and choose Network.

Choose Ethernet or AirPort, depends on, if we want to find MAC for ethernet connection or WiFi. Click on Advanced.

In the next window, MAC address of chosen NIC will appear, 00:23:32:d1:18:e8 in our case.

Alternatively, we can run ifconfig in command prompt and find MAC address corresponding network interface.

Find out your MAC address in Linux (Ubuntu)

In Linux, run ifconfig in command prompt. Next, find value marked as HWaddr for NIC, that we need. Ethernet connection is usually marked as eth0, wifi connection as wlan0. In figure below, we can see a listing, where MAC address of ethernet connection is 08:00:27:3c:de:e6. PC on figure below does not have WiFi MAC address listed, so either does not have wifi, or its wifi is turned off.

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