Membership suspension

Every school year there is a possibility to suspend your membership, in case o attending a student exchange program or an internship.

You can request a temporary membership suspension due to not getting a dormitory at any time during the school year. In other cases you can suspend your membership for maximum of one year.

Suspending your membership means that you remain member of Ynet, but you won't be obliged to pay your monthly membership fee, however you will also be unable to use any advantages originating from your Ynet membership.

Rules for suspending your membership:

  • most common way of requesting a membership suspension is via e-mail
  • you need to send email with your request to local administrators at the dormitory
  • dont forget to write there your login/id number
  • please use the following form:
Subject: membership suspension

UID: 1234
login: john
meno/priezv: Jano Rozgoň

I am requesting a membership suspension for one semester, because of not getting a dormitory on SD Mladost/SD Belojanis/SD Dobrovicova.
I am grateful for following with my request. Yours sincerely Jano Rozgoň

Reply to your request will be administered and you will receive your reply in maximum of 48 hours (excluding weekends) from receiving your request. If you do not receive your reply within the established time window, there has probably been some mistake and you need to resend your request.

Membership suspension at the beginning of the school year (can be applied for until 1.11) serves for not getting your dormitory only! This sort of suspension is only acceptable two times per member, due to misuse.

Your membership can be also suspended in case of:

  • internship
  • student exchange program
  • early finishing of your examination period (min. one month ahead of as scheduled time)
  • other reasons (individually judged)

You do not need to suspend your membership during summer holidays.

Membership is being suspended at the first day of the month therefore you need to send your request prior to the beginning of the month for which your membership is being suspended. Only exception is suspending your membership due to not receiving your dormitory, please refer to the paragraph below.

If suspending your membership due to not receiving your dormitory you need to send your request until tenth  day of the desired month. Your membership is then suspended for the respective month as well. In any other cases your membership suspension will begin next month because your monthly payment has already been deducted from your account.

In order to resume your membership please contact your local administrator

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