As member of Ynet you are obliged to pay membership fees, by transfers presented to our bank account at Slovenská sporitelna. Payments can be made either via internet banking, bankwire transfer, or you can pay cash in any of Slovenska sporitelnas branches.

In any case do not pay via postal order (cheque)! Post changes variable symbol of the payment thus making the payment unidentifiable. As a result your internet will be disabled until someone manually checks in your payment. In addition to this post strips the sum of its manipulation fee, which will be missing from the amount of money transferred to our account. Our payment system will recognize this as paying less by the amount of whole month membership fee.

Membership and entry fees

Entry fee for all members is 10 EUR. Entry fee is one-time payment. It is paid only once, when you fill in your registration to Ynet.

Membership fee is 6.70 Eur per calendar month. When paying membership for more than one month the following options are available:

  • 5 months membership 26.80 EUR (in this particular case you save 6.70 EUR)

    (for example 5 months fee for newly registered member is: 28,60 EUR + 10 EUR (entry fee) = 36,80 EUR)
  • 10 months membership 46,90 EUR (in this particular case you save 20,10 EUR)

    (for example 10 months fee for newly registered member is: 46,90 EUR + 10 EUR (entry fee) = 56,90 EUR)

  • months July and August 

    In the months of July and August a monthly fee of 0 € is provided (unless stated otherwise).

Both entry and membership fee can be part of one single payment meaning you do not have to divide them in two separate payments. 
You can make your payment also from our website, where after logging in you can pay your fees via internet using Sporopay - online payment option.

Note: Payment for 5 or 10 month you can use during whole academic year.

Necessary information for payment

    • Bank name: Slovenska sporitelna
    • IBAN: SK4109000000000630565516
    • Variable symbol: Your UID (obtained with your registration)
    • Constant symbol: 0308
    • Specific symbol: not required
    • Transaction description: not required

Warning: We warn our members to mind that in case of cash payment in bank, an extra fee is charged. In addition bank charge extra money from us as well. Therefore we highly recommend using non-cash transaction if possible.

In case of any uncertainties we will provide you with additional advice during your registration or at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Necessary payment specifications required for payment via international transaction

    • Bank swift code: GIBASKBX 
    • IBAN code: SK4109000000000630565516
    • After the payment from foreign bank account (except payments via SEPA in EU) is necessary to send statement of bank account to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . Its is important because we have to pair your payment to your Ynet account as foreign payments (except SEPA in EU) doesn't recognize variable symbols.


What is UID?

UID is number unique for every member, obtained on the registration paper, which you receive during your registration. It's main purpose is payment identification. If you fill it incorrectly and or do not fill it in at all it might lead to misidentification of your payment. If you fill in other users UID the payment will be accounted to the user with that particular UID. If you do mot fill in the UID at all, the system will not recognise the payment. In both cases immediately contact This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

You can check you UID on the following web page

I have paid with wrong UID, what am I supposed to do?

Send your proof of payment (as screenshot or scan) to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . It is required that it contains all necessary data (date of transaction, your account number, your variable symbol). Afterwards your payment will be accounted for properly. Keep documents regarding your payment as proof of purchase. 

You can check your payment balance on

Summary of the most frequent questions regarding payments to Ynet can be found here.

Payments web page

On the following web page, you can check your payment balance (both entry and membership fees). Furthermore you can also see your subscription period, and to what date you are obliged to pay  another membership fee. You can also check you registration data, and inform us in case of any mismatch, which we will be most eager to correct.

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